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The Web Series 

 Hausfrau: The Web Series based on a one-woman comedy about the sublime ridiculousness that is being a stay-at-home parent. While theaters are closed, we want to stay open to our creativity and new ideas, so, we’re putting our artistic energy and expertise into transforming a hilarious solo show for the stage into a new form made expressly for your enjoyment online. Embracing the DIY scrappy-style of an early 2000s mommy vlog, this newest version of the Hausfrau, sharing her misadventure mama stories and hand-drawn cartoons, will keep you laughing this fall. And with your generous-at-any-level contributions, we will complete a 6-episode season that everyone - hausfraus, hausdaddies, anyone who helps raise kids, or anyone who has ever met a kid - will be able to enjoy for free on YouTube.

7 Episodes 


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