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Celebrity Exit

Robin is literally locked in their apartment to finish their past-due manuscript. Despite a deluge and power failure, a call comes through the landline that not only convinces Robin that communication from the "great beyond" is possible but also offers the perfect ending for their book about Stephen King. A spooky-silly short.


20-25 mintues


ROBIN - a young writer obsessed with horror stories and Stephen King on the brink of

finishing their first book; quirky, loquacious, a little high-strung, a believer in the

unknown; mid-20s any gender or race

MARTY - Robin’s significant other, reasonable and logical; mid-20s any gender or race

JOSH KRASNOWITZ- Robin and Marty’s college friend, somewhat haunted by a ghost encounter, male, mid-20s any race

ALLAN KRASNOWITZ – Josh’s dad, male, older, voice-over only

Production & Development History

  • Production, Colby College, October 2022 

  • Reading, Maine Playwrights Festival, April 2024

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