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illustration by Nori Hilton

Mergirl Saves
the Waves

Mergirl Saves The Waves is a feminist, environmentalist, slightly futuristic, funny re-imagining of Andersen's classic The Little Mermaid. When mergirl Pisces Doris, mostly known as Pi, rescues a human boy from their shared polluted ocean, she not only makes a friend, but also learns what it means to use your voice to make a difference. With three original songs. For youth actors or a multi-generational cast from 10-25+ performers.


75 minutes



​The Merpeople

  • Pi, full name Pisces Doris, usually called Little Pi – the third and youngest daughter of King Nereus. She’s 14.

  • Samundra, sometimes Sam – Little Pi’s oldest sister. She’s 18.

  • Belisama, sometimes Bel – Little Pi’s middle sister. She’s 16.

  • Grandma Galene – Little Pi’s grandmother, King Nereus’s mother

  • King Nereus – ruler of the great oceans and Little Pi’s father

  • Sirena – Little Pi’s mother, who died when Pi was a baby

  • Great Aunt Arnapkap – Grandma Galene’s older sister, who the kids sometimes call the Sea Witch

The Humans

  • Prince Prince – a quiet boy who loves music, baking, and wants to stop ocean pollution. He's 14.

  • King – Prince’s father and co-ruler of the human lands

  • Queen – Prince’s mother and co-ruler of the human lands

Doubling options: Grandma Galene/Arnapkap; King Nereus/King; Sirena/Queen

The Sea Sprites/Narrators

  • A chorus of actors who help narrate, activate the story, and step into various characters as needed. They will be sea creatures at a party, Pi’s friends at school, the wind and waves of the storm, back-up singers, Prince’s body guards, the Doctor, Arnapkap’s grabby helpers, etc.


Production & Development History

  • Two-week new play development workshop with middle-school students at Portland Stage's Theater for Kids, July 2018

  • Month-long development workshop with A Company of Girls, Portland, ME, February 2020

  • Live-stream reading, JCompany, San Diego, CA April 2020

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