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For more information or to book a workshop or residency, drop Bess a note.

Activist Storytelling Workshop

Originated through Colby College Theater & Dance, this interactive writing and performance workshop guides participants to create original story-based performance pieces inspired by the issues that matter to them the most, such as climate change, racial equity, reproductive justice, freedom of speech, LGBTQ+ rights, disability justice, sexual assault, domestic violence, access to education, etc. Now available for college courses and community-based workshops for adults.

Big Mouth Collective

A creativity residency designed to help participants deeply explore the concept of the inner critic and to develop a vibrant relationship with an inner ally. Harnessing the power of basic theater and writing games/exercises, this program unleashes our strength to transform the relationship to the “voice in our head.” Longer residencies culminate in a community sharing of performance work generated by participants.

2-7 day residencies available for ages 13 to adult.

Videographer and editor, Jeff Griffiths

In July 2014, Bess piloted the Big Mouth Collective workshop with A Company of Girls in Portland, Maine.

Your Inner Critic as Character

Interested in transforming your relationship with the critical voice inside that can shut you and your creativity down? Many people, artists in particular, feel a keen sensitivity to self-doubt and negative self-talk that can get in the way of achieving our freest and deepest artistic expression. Join Bess Welden, theater artist and educator, for a dynamic, interactive workshop focused on exploring the Inner Critic as a character separate from your self. Through imaginative visualization, simple writing prompts, on-your-feet play, and a messy-fun art project, Bess will lead you through a safe and supportive process that requires no previous acting or writing experience, just a willingness to get curious.

½ day and full day workshops available for ages 16 and up.

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