Original Projects
In Development:
Bess Welden - Madeleines


Bess Welden - Death Wings

Death Wings

Mergirl Saves the Waves FB post format.p

Mergirl Saves the Waves


Still Life with Apples

Available for Production:
Bess Welden - Refuge/Malja

Refuge Malja

Bess Welden - Legbala is a River

Legbala is a River

Bess Welden - Not Always Happy

Not Always Happy

Bess Welden - Magic in the Attic

Magic in the Attic

Bess Welden - Passion of the Hausfrau

Passion of the Hausfrau

Bess Welden - A Little Miracle

A Little Miracle

Bess Welden - Big Mouth Thunder Thighs

Big Mouth Thunder Thighs

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