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Original Projects
Full Length Plays:
Bess Welden - Madeleines


Bess Welden - Death Wings

Death Wings

Bess Welden - Legbala is a River

Legbala is a River

Bess Welden - Passion of the Hausfrau

Passion of the Hausfrau

Bess Welden - Refuge/Malja

Refuge Malja

Bess Welden - Big Mouth Thunder Thighs

Big Mouth Thunder Thighs

Plays for Youth & Families:
Bess Welden - Magic in the Attic

Magic in the Attic

Mergirl Saves the Waves FB post format.p

Mergirl Saves the Waves

Video & Audio Projects​:
Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 3.15.05 PM.png

Hausfrau: The Web Series

Meet Cute

Under My Skin image.png
Short Plays: 
b&w phone.jpg

Celebrity Exit


The Future Is

Bess Welden - Not Always Happy

Not Always Happy

Bess Welden - A Little Miracle

A Little Miracle

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