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The Future Is

co-written with Fabiola Decius

In early November 2019 three college students organize to get the first-ever non-binary candidate elected Student Government President. Fast forward exactly one year to the night before the 2020 presidential election, now separated by COVID quarantine each friend grapples with how much they’re willing and able to risk to exercise the hard-won right to vote. Originally written for a Zoom production, this small play packed with big questions can also be performed in person.


  • Characters: 

  • JAE: POC, non-binary, college-age 

  • INEZ: POC, female, JAE’s girlfriend, college-age 

  • BRIGETTE: POC, female JAE’s roommate, college-age


Production & Development History

  • Commissioned and originally produced by Company One Theatre, Summer 2020, as part of The Great Demand: Confronting the 19th Amendment

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