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Magic in the Attic Poster Chantilly High.png

Poster image by Bhavika Khona

Magic in the Attic

Elinor and Leo, a modern American sister and brother, are exiled to clean out their grandmother’s slightly spooky attic and are none too happy about the task. But when Elinor discovers an old notebook written in a foreign language, the kids find themselves plunged into a supernatural world in which their long dead great-great grandmother and a group of elves bring Yiddish language and folktales to life. Full of humor and heart, Magic in the Attic is a celebration of the universality of story and the power of connecting with cultural heritage. The play is designed for a youth or intergenerational cast and is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

60 minutes


ELINOR, a modern American girl - age range 11-14

LEO, her slightly nerdy older brother - age range 11-14

BUBBIE E, their great-great grandmother - age range 11-14

MOM, Elinor and Leo’s mother - older child or adult (can also double as one of the Shretlakh, see below)


THE SHRETLAKH, a group of male and female elves of any shape or size - age range 8 to adult. THE SHRETLAKH serve as the acting company that performs each folktale. The group can be as small as 6 and as large as you think you want to manage.


Production & Development History

  • Production, Notre Dame Academy, Hingham, MA, March 2022

  • Production, Chantilly High School, Fairfax, VA January 2022

  • Production, JCompany, San Diego, CA November 2020

  • Live stream reading, JCompany, San Diego, CA May 2020

  • Production: Camp Kinderland, Tolland, MA, Summer 2017

  • Production: Theater LJCC, Birmingham, AL, June 2014

  • Workshop reading at Maine Children’s Museum and Theater

  • Reading at Portland Stage’s Theater for Kids

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